The Queen Bee, a 1st Grade play in verse

The Queen Bee, a 1st Grade play in verse
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For teachers, homeschool teachers and anyone who loves children's theater and the fairy tales, here is a delightful dramatization in verse of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale The Queen Bee. It is a story replete with animals, princes and princesses and a Little Gray Man.

The play requires at the very least 4 players, but ideally 9 to 20, as characters of the chorus can play multiple roles. The one act play lasts between 15 and 20 minutes and includes 3 songs.

This download of 14 pages includes production notes, the script and music. 

It is intended for productions that do not result in monatary profit. If you wish to charge for the performances, please contact the playwright, Sieglinde.




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