The Good Gnome's GIVING GAME

The Good Gnome's GIVING GAME
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Enjoy the fun of giving with this non-competitive, downloadable board game.

Based on the tales of the beloved gnomes of Limindoor Woods, this game will help you practice how to become a Generous and Gentle-gnome.

For 2 to 6 players, 4+ years of age and up (The younger child may need assistance as there is some reading to the game.

All parts of the game are provided in the PDF download of 13 pages, with both full color and black & white versions provided.

Download includes: full instructions for assembly and how to play game, playing board - map of Limindoor Woods, gift lists, gift cards, die and gnome tokens.

 ♥ There are fun bonus crafting instructions in case you wish to make your own fanciful gnome tokens as an extra craft project. Make delightful game pieces that can then double as toys!

♥ ♥  Now the game comes with a bonus PDF that you can copy and take to the printer if you want the playing board printed on one large sheet of paper. (This idea was suggested to me by a happy customer whose family enjoyed playing the game.)

 “What a joy it was to watch my children get into this game and find new, fun and silly ways to gift each other just after one round.  They enjoyed being able to give things like hugs and even found it fun to do another's chore for them because it was part of the game.

As a mom, I loved that this game can be easily completed in 30 minutes, making me much more apt to stop what I am doing and enjoy it with them. I also enjoyed that, even though my children are five years apart, they both could share favorite stories about these characters.” –Melisa Nielson, of Waldorf Essentials


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