Star Child's Birthday - story, gifts & celebration - (girl)

Star Child's Birthday - story, gifts & celebration - (girl)
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This is a special 3 part down load.

First, you will receive pages to form into a special Birthday Story Book, with a lovely story your child will request again and again.

You will also receive the pages to assemble into a The Star Child’s Birthday Celebration Book, filled with instructions for a unique, memorable celebration of her special day.

An then you will receive instructions for how to make a special Birthday crown, cape & a Wish Book for your child’s birthday celebration. Included, as well, are the instructions for stitching a sweet Wishing Star Pillow for your little one to whisper wishes to at night. This can be enhanced with embroidered sleepy and sunny smiles, and a sachet of dried herbs and flowers, for a dreamy scent.
Though you probably will be creating these gifts, any child with simple sewing skills can make them too.
Most of the required materials you will find you already have.

  • download contains: ZIP file 526KB: 6 pgs. make 9 pg. book, 7 pgs. make 10 pg. book, 11 pgs. of instructions
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