Pebble's Wishing Crystals

Pebble's Wishing Crystals
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Look what Pebble Gnome has brought us!

Here are special little bags of quartz crystal points... pieces that must have broken off of those crystals he polishes every night. 

Pebble Gnome is offering is a small (3" x 4") all natural burlap bag, 3 or more crystal points (totaling from 20 - 40 grams) & a tiny 15 page book he wrote himself (translated from the Gnomish by Sieglinde) about how he gardens & cares for the crystals and how they were discovered to be Wishing Crystal. In the book he describes how to go about wishing on the crystals.

PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW these crystals anywhere where there are YOUNG children. The crystals are small and a bit sharp! And, as they twinkle they could be far too tempting to a small child.

But they would make a lovely gift for a slightly older child though. Maybe Pebble's gift could be of use to the Tooth Fairy!

The crystals would also look lovely on the Nature Table. Or hidden in the garden as for a treasure hunt.

​What else can you think to do with them?

The assortment of crystal points below illustrates, in general, the size and kind of crystals that your will be chosen from. Many of these crystals are "jewel" grade in that they are very clear and of high quality.

Each bag will contain at least 3 crystals - some, more, depending on weight.

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