Lucy's Littles - book, doll instructions & dollhouse idea book

Lucy's Littles - book, doll instructions & dollhouse idea book
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Lucy's Littles is a delightful family of 2"- 4" dolls. You can create any family configuration you desire. Instructions include directions for male and female adults/seniors, boy and girl children and an infant. You can dress your family in either contemporary or old fashioned clothes. 
You will probably have all the materials that you need on hand to make the dolls. However, you will need 15mm and 12mm wood beads for the heads. These are slightly larger and smaller than the 1/2" beads. 

Kit includes an engaging illustrated storybook about the Lucy’s little dolls and their special pet.  The book's cover and illustrations are ready for you to add color to.

 Plus, in addition is included a 13 page Lucy's Littles Doll House Idea Book. Learn how to make and furnish a little doll house for Lucy’s littles or other tiny dolls with things from around your home. No carpentry needed!

  • download contains: ZIP file 550KB: Book - 7 pgs, Instructions - 7 pgs
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