Coloring with Block Crayons (book)

Coloring with Block Crayons (book)
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Coloring with Block Crayons emphasizes teaching the techniques of block crayon drawing with the primary colors. It is a comprehensive manual of coloring techniques for teaching to children.

"At last, someone has written a beautiful, clear guide to teaching yourself, and then your students, how to beautifully color with block crayons.

Inside you'll find a complete introduction to the fundamentals of block crayon artistry, including the basic techniques for drawing landscapes, people, animals, seasons and weather.

You'll also find wonderful suggestions and guidance for illustrating Main Lessons and guiding your students to follow your lead toward beauty.

Finally, at the very end, Sieglinde adds the secondary colors and worlds of possibility open wide."  --- Nancy Parsons,

72 pages, spiral bound, with many full color illustrations.

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  • author: Sieglinde De Francesca
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